Granting permissions on zimbra mail folders

26. August, 2015

While trying to share a Zimbra inbox with all sub folders to a different user, zimbra seems to miss granting permissions to some folders.
A solution could be to manually share each missing folder, this works if you have a few folders but is a huge waste of time if you have a lot of folder and could also lead to errors. 
Fortunately we can use zmmailbox for this.

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Good google, bad google

9. July, 2015

A customer server just got hit by a botnet claiming to be GoogleBot when in fact it was a Wordpress bruteforce.

Thanks to Mikrotik's layer7 firewall it all worked out.

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Using the Locomotive Restful API with CURL

24. April, 2015

The usage of the Locomotive CMS restful API is documented on the locomotive guides but the part regarding image uploading is missing.

Here I describe how to upload an image using curl.

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Using the Holvi API with ruby

7. April, 2015

Holvi has a great and simple API for interacting with it's shop.
Here I will show how to use the Holvi API in Ruby.

If you haven't heared about holvi, then check them out:

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Using the sunsky api with ruby

3. April, 2015

Sunsky offers an API, unfortunately only php and java example code exists and communication with sunsky can be tricky (with the people, not the API).

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